Welcome, Esteemed Marketplace Vendors & Exhibitors!

Mark your calendars for October 14! Join us in celebrating all things food at the renowned Canadian Artistic Food Expo (CAFE), hosted at the inviting W. Galen Weston Centre For Food, nestled within the picturesque Durham College Whitby Campus.

We’re thrilled to extend this special invitation to you. Be a part of our vibrant event where you can proudly showcase and sell your products while building valuable connections within your industry. This is your chance to shine and connect!

What awaits you:

  • Showcase Your Goods: Display and sell your products in a buzzing marketplace.
  • Connect with Industry Peers: Network and make meaningful connections.
  • Inspiring Experiences: Enjoy keynote speakers, workshops, chef demos, and more.
  • Cultural Delights: Immerse yourself in cultural performances.
  • B2B and B2C: Our audience trends indicate both B2B and B2C connection established.
  • Consumer Engagement: Past events saw over $50,000 spent on food and merchandise.

Why join us:

  • Boost Your Exposure: 74% of visitors felt vendor booths enhanced their experience.
  • Discover New Audiences: Over 70% enjoyed learning about new products and services.
  • Engage with other Businesses: Connect with a diverse businesses in your area and more.
  • Sales Opportunities: Over $50,000 spent on-site means real sales potential.
  • Before you embark on this exciting journey with us, please review the straightforward information about fees and guidelines in the provided package.
Ready to be a part of this engaging event? Secure your spot by completing the easy Registration Form, making the Payment, and providing your Insurance Certificate.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Canadian Artistic Food Expo (CAFE) on October 14!

*Events are weather permitting and subject to change. Please email info@saffronhub.org to find out if an event has been cancelled due to weather. Events may be delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather

Who Can Register?

  • Non-Food Vendor

    – Private organizations that provide high-quality goods or services to the community at a cost and exhibit at festivals and events to market these products.

  • Single-Item Food Vendor

    – Vendors who sell only one type of high-quality food item. Not including the sale of beverages.

  • Multi-Item Food Vendor

    – Vendors who sell multiple types of high-quality food item. Not including the sale of beverages.

  • Artisan

    – Individuals who provide handmade goods to the community at a cost and exhibit at festivals and events to market or sell these products. This does not include pre-purchased souvenirs or merchandise.

  • Not-For-Profit

    – Organizations/Charities providing a service to the community raise awareness of their cause and are funded through donations by the private/public sectors. Not-for-profits groups are asked to please provide a FREE activity for all festival and event participants. Groups will not be permitted to sell products or fundraise at an event. No solicitation.

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